Courtyard Club a True Sign of Spring

The Courtyard Club has been hard at work cleaning up the courtyard area after a rough winter. Students in grades second through fourth spend their recess time helping to prune the school's courtyard area and all the while improving their gardening skills! The club is organized by Academic Enrichment and art teacher Sue Ellen O’Connor. According to Mrs. O'Connor, 25 students have signed up for the club this year.

Students sign up for a job each day and quickly get to work. Daily chores include raking, clearing, planting, pruning, and filling the bird bath with water. "I like raking," said second grader Wren Gaugler. "It's fun." Second grader Marieldy Lopez commented that she loves seeing the flowers outside. "It's so pretty," she said. Mrs. O'Connor said students also helped to test the hose systems in the beginning of the season, and the club has plans to begin a compost.

The courtyard also has special visitors: Three male ducks visit each year at this time. Mrs. Bickley's second grade class puts cracked corn outside their classroom door for the visitors each day.

Donations of flowers, bushes, and bird seed are always welcomed! Please contact Mrs. O'Connor for more information at: