December Board Meeting VIEW AGENDA HERE

Increasing enrollment and a need for more space was at the forefront of last month's Board of Education meeting. The architect who presented his spatial analysis of the school last June will return to present these findings and recommendations at this month's Board meeting on December 8th. Community members are encouraged to attend. The meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Library.
At last month's meeting, Superintendent John Finello spoke of the framework for next year's scheduling. As Principal Eric Casale explained the option of returning to a nine-period day next year, he also remarked that "Enrollment has significantly gone up" and scheduling is always a juggling act; meaning that it would be difficult fitting in all the academic offerings that the school would like to schedule into nine periods as space is currently at its maximum. Just this year, there has already been a marked increased enrollment in second grade, which has made the classes increase in number of students. There are currently 76 students in the three second grade classes, which is a marked increase from the initial enrollment in September. Mr. Casale noted that the school is currently operating at "101% capacity." The fact of increased enrollment along with the move to a nine-period day brings with it some scheduling problems as well as will bring these space issues to the forefront. Mr. Casale commented that the need for increased capacity has been brought up over the past four years and needs to be considered once again. Several audience members commented on the importance of looking at space once again in the school and how to reconfigure the building to maximize the campus to accommodate the need for increased instruction space. Mr. Finello commented that "You have to take a look at increasing space wisely. You're really running two schools on one campus," he stated. Mr. Finello said that the architect Roger Smith from BBS Architects will be invited to next month's meeting to speak of his knowledge of expansion based on his surveys from last year. For more information, Mr. Casale's presentation can be found on the school's website under "Board of Education" -- "Budget Information" and is listed as "2014 Worksession 4." The architect's assessment from last year can be found under "Board of Education" -- "Presentations at Board Meetings" and is listed as "Spatial Analysis BBS Architects."
A copy of the full November board meeting highlights can be found on the Springs School website under "Board of Education."