Snow Days: What Do You Love to Do?


We've sure had our share of Snow Days lately! Kids' Corner reporters Gabby, Chloe, and Sophie asked students and staff, "What did you do during the snow days?"

Mr. Sarlo:  "I did work, chores, read, and shoveled."

Mrs. O'Connor: "I did school work, and walked Leo."

Natasha, 4th grade: "I cannon-balled into the snow!"

Sophie, 3rd grade: "I played in the snow and drank hot cocoa."

Ella, 4th grade: "I chilled with friends."

Mr. Gibbons: "I read and shoveled snow."

Gabby, 4th grade: "I hung out with friends and cleaned my room."

Chloe, 4th grade: "I ate brownies and read."

Sophie, 4th grade: "I went sledding."

Hunter, 4th grade: "I had a snowball fight!"