Red Ribbon Week Features Week-Long Events

The winning poster! Mrs. Diaz's Class
The winning poster! Mrs. Diaz's Class

Red Ribbon Week is being celebrated this week, and it kicked off at Spirit Meet on Friday when Officer Kim and McGruff visited students! Red Ribbon Week focuses on teaching children how to make healthy choices in their lives.  Also on Friday, a "Making Healthy Choices" assembly was held for grades kindergarten through third presented by Officer Kim. McGruff made an appearance once again, to the delight of the young audience. 

Students wore jerseys to school on Monday to show that they "Say No to Drugs and Say Yes to Sports." On Tuesday, students in grades fourth and fifth attended an assembly on cyber safety called "Don't Press Send." It was an interactive presentation that educates and provides strategies for students to choose safe choices when communicating through social media. Students were asked to take the "Don't Press Send" pledge by sharing what they learned with their parents, and both signing an agreement to make wise choices when online. More information on the "Don't Press Send" campaign can be found at:

Wednesday was "Crazy Sock" day where students are showing that they "sock it to drugs." Thursday was "Boot Day" where students "gave drugs the boot!"

Friday will round out the week with "Wear Red Day" and the winning class will be announced for the poster decorating contest. The winning class will receive a pizza party for designing the winning poster.