Students Win Film Awards at Guild Hall



Student filmmakers received awards at the annual Student Film Award Ceremony at Guild Hall on March 22nd for their film work. Jamie Grant and Alyssa Brabant won second place for their film/animation named, “Corgi.”Gabby Miller, Chloe Swickard, and Sophie Tucci won third place for an animation film called, “When Sophie gets Angry.” In the category for grades 5th-8th , fourth grader Natasha Chavez and sixth grader Evan Mendelman won third place for a film called, “The Making of the Opera: Bound for Gardiners' Island.” These students competed with all the public and private schools on the East End. The ceremony celebrated winning films in three categories: Grades 2-4, 5-8, and 9-12. These students make their films during lunch and recess in the Academic Enrichment Room, under the guidance of Mrs. Sue Ellen O'Connor. Congratulations!