The first meeting of a new facilities committee established by the Board of Education will take place on May 27 at 5 pm at Springs School, and members of the public are invited to witness the work of the group as it collaborates with architect Roger Smith of BBS Architects on an investigation of plans to upgrade the aging and overcrowded Springs School.

The group is expected to meet on several occasions over the next several weeks to review and analyze the recommendations of Mr. Smith’s firm. These recommendations address instructional space and infrastructure deficiencies as outlined in accordance with the district’s state-mandated five-year building conditions survey and the reports of district staff.

“The architects have outlined a substantial amount of work for the school, and as a Board of Education, we felt it was important to involve our community in shaping whatever plan may come forward,” said Board of Education President Liz Mendelman. “This process needs to be open and inclusive so that everyone can appreciate that the only driving force at work is the good of the school and community."

Six members of the committee are district staff, including Principal Eric Casale, Chief Business Officer Tom Primiano, teachers John Gibbons, Jodie Hallman and Colleen McGowan, and Library Aide Linda Kernell. The remaining seven members of the committee are Jeffrey Miller, BOE Trustee, community members without children in the Springs School (Susan Harder, Carol Campolo and Pamela Bicket), and three community members who are parents of current students (Scott Faulkner, Susan Gentile Hackett, and Dave Conlon).

“These committee members will tour the building, read the reports, ask questions, and help us understand what to ultimately bring to the Board of Education as best meeting the aspirations of the community,” said Mr. Smith. “We will be talking about the big picture items, like how to address current space deficiency and inadequacy, down to the more basic infrastructure items like the needs of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other systems.”

Future meetings of the committee after May 27 will be brought to the attention of the public, which is certainly entitled to observe any of the meetings, though not actively participate.