Smart Schools Investment Plan

What is the SMART School Investment Plan? Students at Springs School will continue to utilize educationally appropriate technology as part of the SMART Bonds Act to enhance their thought and problem-solving skills, and use multiple resources to access, evaluate, process, and communicate information. The SMART Bonds Act was created to help school districts update technology in their schools. At this week's July Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the "SMART Schools Preliminary Investment Plan."

As part of the District’s Technology Committee Charter, the Technology Committee is appointed by the Springs UFSD Board of Education to assist the Board by reviewing the current state of technology in the school district and make recommendations to the Board of Education for the purposes of increasing technology to promote teaching and learning. This work continued as part of the planning of the Smart Schools Investment Plan.    

Springs School is looking to acquire interactive whiteboards, laptops and tablet-style computers to enhance the instructional program. The staff will continue to integrate these technologies into every aspect of school life and model the appropriate use of technology so that the students develop exceptional levels of proficiency.

In 2013-14, Springs UFSD began the process of updating the campus’ infrastructure and capabilities. The school purchased and began utilizing one-to-one devices (Chromebooks) in certain grades and with certain teachers who volunteered. These teachers began using the devices as part of daily instructional practices to prepare students to meet the expectations associated with being college and career ready as outlined in the Common Core Learning Standards.

Then, in 2014-15, Springs School implemented a one-student-to-one-device program in fourth grade. This program will continue for the 2015-16 school year in grades 4 and 5 with the hopes of adding another grade each year until grades 4-8 have a one-to-one device program using SMART School funds. This will provide students with opportunities to successfully integrate technology as part of their learning practices.

In preparation, Springs UFSD has upgraded our speed standard to 100 Mbps per 1,000 students for all of our three buildings on the Springs School campus. This work was conducted in the summer of 2013 through 2015.

To view the "SMART Schools Investment Plan," please click below. Any questions or comments about the plan may be directed to Principal Eric Casale via email: