The Pyramid-Building Challenge!

The first week of school involved some real hands-on learning in science class! Students in Mrs. Seff's, Mrs. Dunham, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Murray's 6th and 8th grade science classes learned a little bit about team work and engineering on their second day of school as they were challenged to build pyramids using only strings tied to a rubber band.  Students were not allowed to touch the cups with their hands, or any other part of their bodies and were placed into randomly selected groups of five or six students.  Each group had to come up with their own plan to accomplish the task. Students in the group held onto one of the strings that was attached to a central rubber band and the group then used only this device to pick up the cups and place them on top of each other (by working together and pulling on their string in just the right way so that it pulled the rubber band apart or back together over the cups). The initial challenge included a pyramid with 6 cups, but many teams went on to successfully complete the challenge with 10 and 15 cups, displaying high levels of ingenuity AND team effort!