Ms. McGowan Brings Home Inspiration from Bali


Art teacher Ms. McGowan traveled to Bali in Indonesia this summer with her daughter. Ms. McGowan's daughter had been living in Bali for three months while she studied Integrative Nutrition and obtaining her certification in yoga. The trip,  which included a visit to an orphanage where she and her daughter brought donations of clothing, soap, toothbrushes, and other necessities to 175 children, proved to be a huge inspiration and has already fueled art projects for her students this year. She plans to connect her Springs School students with the orphans by sending decorated baseball caps, art, and letters to them. Ms. McGowan observed the concepts of family ties and religion to be extremely important to the culture, and learned about the educational system. She described the people of Bali as “extremely creative — artists, musicians, and chefs.”

“The markets, filled with food and art, were incredibly vibrant and inspiring,” she said. “I was able to collect art, sculptures, textiles . . . and will be inspired to create masks, puppets, jewelry, and batiks with my art students.” Ms. McGowan's plans for her students include puppetry, textiles, fabric painting, tin art, and jewelry making.