It's the Great Pumpkin!


Students recently had the chance to guess the weight of a giant pumpkin that was grown in the garden at Springs School. This is the second year of "The Great Pumpkin Contest," which was spearheaded by Springs Seedlings/Project Most greenhouse advisor Hailey London. Twenty classes guessed the weight of the pumpkin and the class that was closest won the pumpkin to display in their classroom! The winning class was announced during Spirit Meet on Friday. 

The winning class is Mrs. Ramsden's! The class guessed a weight of 18 pounds, which came closest to the actual weight of 19.2 pounds. Because of squash beetles destroying most of this year's crop, this year's pumpkin was a lot smaller than last year's, which weighed 28.8 pounds. Hailey will visit the class to teach them more about pumpkins, including the history of the jack-o-lantern, eating pumpkin bread, and creating a design or painting the pumpkin. "The pumpkin started from one of 24 pumpkin seeds we planted last year during Project Most," said Hailey. "Guessing the weight was a way to use some math and scientific reasoning skills, as well." 

Mrs. Ramsden's class, who named the pumpkin "Elsa Anna," are "so excited" about the pumpkin and are looking forward to their class lesson on Friday. "On Friday, Elsa will be transformed into Elsa Anna O'Lantern!" said Mrs. Ramsden. "We are very excited!"