Fall Book Fair Was a Monster of a Success!

Students pooled their money together to buy a pack of books to share! thumbnail51601
Students pooled their money together to buy a pack of books to share!
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The Springs School PTA is celebrating having had another successful book fair this fall as judged by the enthusiasm the students!  This year, kindergarten students made monsters to decorate the fair with the help of seventh graders and art teacher Sherry Williams.  Spanish teacher Mike Kelly created a roar during Spirit Meet when he showed up dressed as a monster and rapped to his own original song to invite children to read more and join us at the fair. Middle school students volunteered to set up the book fair and volunteer during Family Book Fair Night. And one of Ms. Modica's classes even sang a song to the PTA volunteers! The pre-k classes were also able to come to the book fair and pick out books. "We also had a Lollipop Pull fundraiser for the "All for Books" program," said PTA member and book fair organizer Sema Mendelman. "Children donated $.25 for a lollipop and a chance to win a book, a poster and a monster pen if they pulled the marked lollipop.  Other children donated their change after they finished shopping for themselves to help other kids get books." Students collectively donated $123 in change which was used to donate books to the classrooms and Scholastic will be matching that amount by donating books to children in need.
Mrs. Mendelman also noted that when some students didn't have enough money for all the books they wanted, they pooled their money to buy a book series pack and got more books for their money than buying individual books!  
Several middle school students who are working on a letter writing unit in Ms. Hamilton's class put their knowledge to practical use by writing thank you letters to PTA for their work and donations to the school.  "Getting a letter from a student is always so special!" said Mrs. Mendelman.
The PTA gifted about about $1,400 worth of books to classroom and school libraries last week. Thanks to all the parents, teachers and children who supported this event! Please check the PTA page on our website to see a list of upcoming PTA-sponsored events! (The PTA page is located under "Parents/Students").