Yoga Unit Teaches Fitness & "Mindfulness"

Physical Education teacher Meghan Cereola has teamed up with the Anna Lytton Foundation to teach yoga to her Adapted Physical Education class. Linda Muse, a local counselor and yoga instructor, along with Coach C. led the students through different yoga poses and stretches. 
"Yoga is a great opportunity for anyone at any ability level to become fit, physically and mentally," said Coach C. "Linda and I co-taught to have the students learn various flexibility skills and engaged in mindfulness activities." 
The Anna Lytton Foundation teaches yoga and mindfulness to students to teach them strategies to help cope with stress, teach self-awareness, as well as practicing yoga to increase body strength and flexibility. "I am so happy that I am able to bring yoga into the physical education curriculum," said Coach 
The Foundation, formed in honor of the late Anna Lytton, a Springs School student, engages students in the importance of art, poetry, and wellness. The Foundation has provided several programs to the school in the past in addition to yoga, including a mural project done with junior high students, a "Food for Thought" health program,

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