Recess at 20 Below!

How cold does it have to be before Alaskan kids stay inside for recess? For many schools there, if it is colder than 20 below zero, they stay indoors; otherwise, it's outside for frosty fun! "Recess at 20 Below" is a book by Cindy Aillaud that science teacher Mrs. Seff read two years ago while conducting research in Fairbanks, AK. As New York gets a bit colder, parents and students wonder if recess will be outdoors. Mrs. Seff's response to that? "In Alaska, kids go out to recess when it's 20 below!" Mrs. Seff read aloud the book during a break at the National Science Foundation, sponsored PolarTREC, in Fairbanks, AK in February of 2014 . "When I made this video, the actual temperature outside was 10 degrees below zero!" Click below to see this fun reading of the book, "Recess at 20 Below."