Students Celebrate Valentine's Day


Students celebrated Valentine's Day in different ways throughout the school this week. Students in Mrs. Hicks' kindergarten class made heart mosaics to fill their "All You Need is Love" bulletin board. Third graders in Mrs. Branche's and Mrs. Yardley's class made "friend-velopes" which are little "mailboxes" to hold valentines they received during their Valentine exchange! Students in Mrs. Lamonda's Functional Academics class made handmade chocolates to sell as "candy grams" for junior high students to buy and be secretly delivered to friends! The money they raised from selling the candy will be used towards this Spring's Special Olympics and their upcoming bowling tournament. And fifth graders in Ms. Thayer and Ms. Belkin's class celebrated with their third grade Buddies in Mrs. Keyes' class by having a "Minute to Win It" contest, where pairs had to assemble a heart puzzle in record time, and build the highest tower using conversation hearts!