Eight Graders Compete in Speech Competition

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Every eighth grade student in Mrs. O'Reilly's E.L.A. class recently researched, composed, and delivered a speech on an important social issue. The speeches were judged by a panel of teachers, and voted on for first, second, and third place. Students also had to complete a slideshow and create a political action poster. "The topics students chose demonstrated just how tuned-in our students are to the world around them," said Mrs. O'Reilly. Some of the topics included: homelessness, animal rights, unjust prison convictions, rights for transgender students, and drug abuse. The judges were Ms. Cleary, Mrs. O'Reilly, Ms. Farmer, and Mr. Ward. 

The winners of this year's Eighth Grade Speech Competition are:

1st: Karyme Hurtado

2nd: Renny Murphy

3rd: Eileen Considine

Congratulations, girls!!!