Bonac Run for Wellness

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Photos courtesy of Tara Gurney

Members of the Springs School cross country team and a few other junior high students and i-Tri participants competed in the 12th annual Bonac on Board for Wellness 5k on Wednesday, May 25th. 
The course begins at Herrick Park and winds its way 3.1 miles through East Hampton Village, with the finishing line at Main Beach. Teacher Mr. Wojtusiak ran and chaperoned the group. Congratulations, runners! Our top boy finishers were Logan Gurney, Skylar Minardi, and Christopher 
Pintado,​​​​​​ with Logan placing 6th overall for men. The top girls were Bella Tarbet, Ava Engstrom, and Sophia Swanson, with Bella placing 2nd overall for women. "Congrats to Springs School who placed second
 today at the Bonac 5K!" said Principal Casale. "And congrats to Bella Tarbet who placed second overall in the Women’s Division. We are so proud of them all!"