Fifth Grade Lego Robotics

Students in fifth grade have been busy learning computer science and coding in Library with Mr. Hallman and Mrs. Sullivan, through the website "" Now, students are taking this knowledge to Science class, to make Lego "robots" move by entering different codes into a program. "We are collaborating together to teach the students the importance of coding," said Science teacher Mr. Knight. "I was awarded a grant from the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation to purchase a Lego robotics kit. The students we able to use their knowledge of coding to program the robots to perform tasks such as: moving forwards and backwards in loops (repeating codes), using a sensor to program the robot to stop when it reaches an object and make a sound, and to send messages back to the home computer." Mr. Knight explains how students learned the real-world benefits of coding by watching how programming drones can help scientists gather information from areas where humans cannot easily go, such as deep water, erupting volcanoes, and Mars."The students enthusiasm was wonderful to watch as they went from challenge to challenge finding ways to solve the task." Click below to see a video of the fun of computer coding! 

5th Grade Robotics from Syntax on Vimeo.