Fourth Graders Visit LongHouse

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Photos courtesy of Angelina Modica
Fourth graders enjoyed a trip to the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton this week. Students had the opportunity to work with Alvaro Restrepo and his dance team, "El Colegio del Cuerpo," from Columbia. The students learned about expression through movement and dance. The trip was sponsored by the Watermill Center for the Arts. Last June, Ms Modica and Ms. McGowan were interviewed by the Watermill Center for the Arts to see if Springs School would be a good match for their Artist Residency. Springs School was among several schools interviewed and was chosen! After the workshop, students received a letter saying what a "joy it was to work with such an enthusiastic group of well mannered students." 

Álvaro Restrepo and Marie France Delieuvin (co founder of EL COLEGIO DEL CUERPO- eCdC- The School of the Body) and the 8 dancers of La Compañia Cuerpo de Indias have been offering workshops and classes to residents on the Hamptons this month, and included a stop at the LongHouse. Students learned about what Restrepo refers to as a "four-legged animal:" artistic, educational, social and political, having Nature in the heart of their creature/institution. To visit his website, click here: