Halloween Parade Info. for Parents

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Springs School will celebrate the season with its annual Halloween Parade around the school for grades kindergarten through fifth. The parade will take place on Monday, October 31st at 2:00. Parents and community members are invited to view the parade at the front of the school. 

A note about Halloween: 
* Please send in the costume with your child on Halloween - children are not permitted to come to school dressed in their costumes. They will be given time and assistance in the afternoon to get changed.
* As a safety precaution, students may not wear any costume that overly obstructs their vision. Costumes should also be age-appropriate and not involve violence, blood, or gore. Please refer to your child's teacher for specific costume questions.
* Any parent wanting to take their child home after the parade must sign out their child with their classroom teacher. No child will be permitted to leave early without being signed out.

Any questions about procedures can be directed to your child's teacher or to the school by calling 324-0144. Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Halloween!