Character Education at Springs School

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This year, we will be celebrating the following character traits: Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Perseverance, and Empathy. Each trait will be celebrated for approximately eight weeks and will be reinforced through Spirit Meet, guest speakers, presentations, and Pep Rallies. Once again, Spirit Meet will be meeting two days a week, on Monday and Friday. We will also continue to have junior high Pep Rallies or guest speakers once a month for grades 6-8. By the close of the year, the students will have celebrated various character traits and will have learned about some of the characteristics that make a person of good moral fiber. Please see below for our character education schedule. Also, be sure to visit our Parents/Students link on the Springs School website, and click "Student Resources" for more information on Character Education and also on Citizens of the Month.

Responsibility –September/October

Caring- November/December

Respect- January/February

Perseverance- March/April

Empathy – May/June