Lead in Water Results Announcement


You may be aware that on September 6, 2016 Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation requiring school districts to test their potable water (water used for drinking or for food preparation) for lead contamination. The Springs School District completed the water sampling of all water outlets in September 2016 and received reports from Enviroscience Consultants, Inc., our lead contamination testing service, with laboratory testing completed by New York Environmental Testing Laboratory, a New York State certified laboratory. These results are posted here and have been reported to the NY State Department of Health, the State Education Department, and the Suffolk County Water Authority.

You can obtain a copy of our water testing results at the school district's business office which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and here on our website. For more information about water quality in our school, please contact Mr. Carl Fraser at (631) 324-0144.

The results of the testing found that, in all but three areas in the school, the samples taken were within acceptable levels for lead as established by the Environmental Protection Agency. The testing included all water outlets, both drinking fountains and water faucets, in the school, the portable classrooms and the SYA building. No drinking fountains in any of our buildings were found to have lead above acceptable levels. Since lead is not absorbed through the skin, hand washing and cleaning is permissible. However, we have chosen to shut off faucets listed that can be accessed by students as an additional safety precaution.

Please click below to view our letter in English or Spanish explaining where these areas are, and also to view the Enviroscience reports. The table listed below reports the findings of each water outlet in our school buildings. As we remediate the outlets that are above acceptable levels, we will post additional test results. When reading this table, please note:

1. Acceptable levels of lead content are at or below 15 ppb (parts per billion)

2. WF = Water Fountain

3. SK = Sink

4. SP = Spigot

5. SS = Custodial Slop Sink (Custodian use only)

6. FR = Fixture Replacement

We have taken this immediate action to provide a safe drinking water environment for all those who attend, work in, or visit our Springs School. As always, thank you for your cooperation. Together we will continue to provide a safe and healthy school environment for all.

John J. Finello