The Lego Crash Returns!


Adam Osterweil’s seventh grade English classes held a “Lego Crash Competition.”  The event is an annual tradition to celebrate the end of their instructional writing unit. Students are paired up and each team has to build a car made out of 27 Lego pieces.  Students have to write a very precise instructional writing piece to accompany their car, which explains how to build it step-by-step. When the writing and the building was finished, students entered the “Derby” and got to smash their cars with others. Each car that held up without falling apart advanced to compete against the next car.  This year’s first place winners are Aidan McCormac and Joseph Friscia.  They will compete against last year’s winner, Logan Abdat, who is now in eighth grade. Winning cars are displayed in the glass display case in the junior high hallway.