Girls Volleyball Starts the Season with a Win!


The girls volleyball team started off the season with a win against Bridgehampton!

The game was quite exciting, with Springs winning the first two sets, losing the second two which tied the game, but then won the fifth set to win the match!

"They naturally had first-game jitters, but used a lot of what we've been practicing," said Coach Ana Jacobs.

Top servers were eighth graders Hannah Hartsough and Katrina Osterberg with 13 serves each. Followed closely by eighth grader Kayla Carpio and seventh grader Camila Lopez each with 9 serves and eighth grader Jessie Branche with 8 serves. Eighth graders Amanda Krahe, Ariana Islami, and seventh grader Brooke Wittmer hit a spike each that would earn the team a point for each one as they were not returned. "It's what we call a "kill" in volleyball," explained Coach Jacobs.. "So, three kills for our first game is a good warm up!! They had some good saves including some plays under the net as you can see in the video." 

The girls' next game will be Monday, December 5th at the Ross School. Click below to view the video: