Visiting Artists Enrich Art Classes

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Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary

The Visiting Artist Program is in full swing thanks to the generosity of the Springs Mystery Art Sale Proceeds. In the past several weeks, we welcomed artist James De Martis, blacksmith, to work with the sixth grade and his assistant Kyle who are creating a fish mobile out of metal for an outdoor sculpture in the courtyard. Artist Virva Himmenima worked with the entire third grade creating rockets out of recycled materials. Kym Fulmer, printmaker, worked with the fourth grade creating texture rubbings and created a mural based on the book the Polar Express. It was displayed at the Winter Concert as part of the set design. We also welcomed artist Sylvia Witzmann, who worked with the first grade introducing them to the techniques of Lego printing. Painters Karyn Mannix, Gene Samuelson, Alyce Pheifer and Frank Sofo have been mentoring the students in the after-school art club on various painting techniques. Each artist was sponsored by the funds from the Mystery Art Sale. We look forward to inviting future artists in the New Year and in providing each grade with an opportunity to experience working one on one with a professional artist.