Boys Volleyball Going Strong


The boys volleyball team has been going strong, and won their game against East Hampton this week. "The boys are dedicated to practicing and working together," said coach Kimberly Royal. "We have been very busy and showing progress in all areas."The team benefited from strong serving from Esteban Vasquez with 18 serves, Kody Vela with 14, Colin Wright- 10, Mark Daniels-8, Christopher Pintado-8. Nick Lombardo lead the team assisting 8 kills for Morgan Grant. Lombardo also had 5 hits, three of them the other team was unable to return. East Hampton played a great game. Both teams worked hard. "When the games were close and the scores nearly tied, Springs did not quit," said Coach Royal. "The boys dug deep and put forth some mental toughness to push through and come out with the win."

Before winter break, the team played Westhampton and Montauk. "We lost to Westhampton in a tight game but came back against Montauk," said Coach Royal. "During both games our top servers, all in the double digits, were Colin Wright, David Ayala, Morgan Grant, and Nick Lombardo."


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