Family Math Night 2017

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Over 300 K-5 students and their families, staff members and Junior High student volunteers attended the second annual Family Math Night.  Some of the fun math-related activities included:  Obstacle course & bowling (Sports), symmetrical butterflies & geometric art (Art), making waffles & "dirt pie" (Cooking), Jelly Belly estimation & rolling race cars (Games), coding & Ozobots (Technology), and drumming (Music).  

Even a famous mathematician show up....Albert Einstein!  

The night was made possible by a committee of staff members who coordinated and volunteered at the event:  Ilaine Bickley, Victoria Hoffman, Judy Mullarkey, Leah Amicucci, Laura Foti, Dana Allison, Vicky Firemark, Amy Mitchell, Cindy Realmuto, Amanda Rivera, Ryan Scala, Beverly McGrath, Kristy Lamonda, Amanda Waleko, Meghan Lydon, Joan Branche, Ashley Dellapolla, Lisa Dragone, Alex Dehavenon, Monique Sullivan, Sean Knight, Bill Hallman, Kim Havlik, Principal Eric Casale and Assistant Principal Christine Cleary.