Winners of the 8th Grade Speech Competition Crowned!

Each year, every eighth grade student participates in a speech competition in Mrs. O'Reilly's English class. This year, the students were required to choose an important social issue, research and craft a speech, create a Google slideshow, and deliver the speech and slideshow together. The self-selected topics, which covered both national and international subjects, included domestic violence, global warming, education rights, and immigration reform. The finalists were: Rorey Murphy, Bella Tarbet, Hannah Hartsough, Caroline Brown, Eva Wojtusiak, Lina Guzman, Valeria Guevara, Amanda Krahe, Jessie Branche, and Jenna Scalia.
The winners of the final round were:
1st: Amanda Krahe
2nd: Eva Wojtusiak
3rd: Caroline Brown