Eighth Grade Job Shadow Day

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Eighth graders spent the day "Job Shadowing" on Thursday, April 20, 2017.  Businesses from East Hampton to Montauk hosted the students for the day and gave them some insight into what a typical day would be like working in different occupations. 

Students shadowed the Honorable Judge Steven Tekulsy and attorney Gordon Ryan at the East Hampton Court House, were given a tour of the East Hampton Town Police station with Officer Kim and other Officers. Other students spent the day at the YMCA. Animal lovers worked with animals at the East Hampton Veterinary Group and The Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton. Students interested in education and childcare spent the day at East Hampton Day Care and the Montauk School. Future "merchandisers" spent the day at J.Crew and learned about ordering and stocking merchandise. Others visited the U.S. Coast Guard station in Montauk. Students interested in culinary occupations spent the day at John Pappas, Rowdy Hall, and The Palm. Students also spent the day at the South Fork Natural History Museum, White's Apothecary, and the Special Effects Salon.

Job Shadow Day was organized by guidance counselor Stacy McCally and Family & Consumer Science teacher Tracy Larkin. Please click on photos to enlarge!