Special Olympics 2017

Team Springs had a great day at the Special Olympics Spring Games this past weekend! "Our athletes have been working really hard for the past two months on staying in their lane when running the 50-meter dash," said Mrs. Reidlinger. "We are happy to report that they did! This is a team first for us and we are so proud of our students. The competition was very tough this year, but our athletes worked hard and collected a few medals along the way." First-time athlete, Tristian Hydeman, won a gold in the Turbo-Jav and a bronze in the softball throw. Liam Baum won a silver in Turbo-Jav and bronze for the softball throw. Sean Lester won a silver in the 50-meter dash and took 4th place in the softball throw. Juliana Figueroa won bronze in the softball throw and took 5th place in the 50-meter dash. Robbie Matz, competing in his last games for Springs School, took 5th place in both the softball throw and the 50-meter dash. "We give a huge thank you to all the staff members who gave their time on this beautiful Sunday to make this a special day for our athletes and their families," said Mrs. Reidlinger. "Without you, this could not happen. As always, thank you to everyone at Springs School for your continued support of our Special Olympics program!"