Third Graders Study the Structures of Life

Photos courtesy of Sean Knight
Photos courtesy of Sean Knight

Third graders are studying "Structures of Life"  in Science. "In this unit, we learned about the structures of plants and how these structures help them to adapt and survive," explained Mr. Knight. "The second part of our unit is the study of the structures and behaviors of animals." Students began with crayfish and have moved on to Bess Beetles.  "We study Bess Beetles because of their incredible adaptations to help them survive," said Mr. Knight. "They have strong, sticky legs that allow them to pull over 30x their own mass." Each beetle has a mass of 1 gram and the paperclips are also 1 gram.  In class, some beetles were able to pull over 70 paperclips.  That would be similar to a human pulling over 12,000 lbs!