Students Gear Up for Mrs. Seff's Polar Trec this Summer!

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Seff

This coming August and September, Springs School students, teachers and community members will have the opportunity to virtually “join” researchers and Springs School Science teacher Mrs. Seff, as they study the Oceanographic Conditions and the Ecology of the Beaufort Sea!  The team will board the 261 foot Research Vessel Sikuliaq on August 23rd and head North to the Arctic Ocean.  Their expected return to port is September 20th

While onboard the ship, Mrs. Seff will be working as part of the research team and writing online journals to document their research and living conditions! During this time you can write to Mrs. Seff and the research team, led by Dr. Carin Ashjian of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, through their online website at PolarTREC.  Curious about what it’s like to live onboard a 261’ ship on the Arctic Ocean?  Wondering where they’ll sleep? What they’ll eat? How they’ll collect samples from the ocean?  What happens onboard if there’s a storm?  Do they ever get seasick? Will they see icebergs? Polar Bears? Beluga Whales or Ringed Seals?  Or… are you wondering how climate change is impacting the Arctic Ocean and the organisms that live there? Or how winds and ocean currents impact the food chain?

Curious?  Then join the expedition online in August!

Since our Springs School Arctic Research Expedition begins in the late summer, students across all of the grades at Springs School are creating postcards to remind them to join the team in August!  Most grade level teachers are completing a mini-lesson PowerPoint which explains the basic facts about the upcoming expedition, the ship and several organisms that the team will be studying.  The students then get to select which postcard they want to color.  After they color the cards Mrs. Seff will take all 650+ postcards to Nome Alaska where they will get an official “Arctic Expedition Stamp!” and then be mailed back to each student (based on the home addresses we have at school).  When a student receives their card in the mail it means it’s time to go online and virtually join our expedition!

The expedition webpage will be posted on the Springs School main website.  Or, you can go to the following link directly!