"What Springs School Means to Me"

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You may have read in the East Hampton Star recently the request to answer the question, "What Springs School Means to Me." The question not only invites students to answer this question but also community members. This month, we would like to feature one of our students, Liam Baum, and share what he is most thankful for here at Springs School. Please click below to view his wonderful slideshow!
Also recently, Amy Lehn, a proud parent of two Springs School graduates, now living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, says, "I am most appreciative of the "family style" that Springs School offered me and and my children. I'm sure my children have fond memories during their times in kindergarten through eighth grade, but I surely remember those times also. I felt a real sense of belonging to the school from Spirit Meets, soccer and volleyball games, music and opera shows, book fairs and field trips (we hosted many year-end trips to our family business, Puff-N-Putt). After all these years since my children attended Springs School, I still love hearing stories they bring up about specific times and teachers who made impressions on them. These memories have molded who they are today."
And who are they? Dana Cucci, a June 2017 graduate of University of California-Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies. Her admissions letter detailed the program and trip to Greenland that Lisa Seff encouraged her to apply to when she was an East Hampton High School junior. I believe this letter aided in her acceptance to UCSB! And my other child, Dylan Cucci, a 2015 graduate of University of Tampa, has a permanent presence at Springs School today as a substitute. 
Ms. Lehn adds, "Thank you, Springs School, for giving my children an excellent start in life! I'm so proud of them!"


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