The 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Contest is Back!

Last year's winning class! thumbnail81000
Last year's winning class!

The fourth annual "Great Pumpkin Contest" is starting now! This year, there are two pumpkins growing in the garden. The pumpkins are called "ghost pumpkins" because they are white. Both started from seeds that were planted last year during Project Most. There is also a rather large zucchini growing, and students are invited to guess the weight of that, as well. The contest is spearheaded by Springs Seedlings/Project Most greenhouse advisor Hailey London. Each class will have a chance to guess the pumpkins' and zucchini's weights, and the winning class will win the pumpkins and a fun pumpkin lesson. 

Last year, there were two winning classes: Mrs. Dragone's first grade and Ms. Dellapolla's third grade.

The pumpkin's weight was 18 pounds. Mrs. Dragone's class guessed 17.5 pounds, and Mrs. Dellapolla's class guessed 18.5 pounds. Hailey visited both classes to teach them more about pumpkins, including the history of the jack-o-lantern, eating pumpkin bread, and creating a design or painting the pumpkin. "The pumpkin started from one of several pumpkin seeds we planted last year during Project Most," said Hailey. "Guessing the weight was a way to use some math and scientific reasoning skills, as well." Two pumpkins were grown last year, as well, but one white pumpkin rotted so it couldn't be entered in the contest.