Students Become “Bully Busters”

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Photos: Christine Cleary

October is national Anti-Bullying month, and Springs School students learned the importance of being kind and respectful through a recent assembly. Springs School "Bully Busters" from grades kindergarten through eighth wore blue to show awareness and say, "No!" to bullying on Friday, October 6th. Students in grades kindergarten through fifth also signed Bully Buster contracts. As official "Springs School Bully Busters," students promised to: 

1. Think before we say or do anything that might hurt others (Be KIND)

2. Be a buddy to our friends by showing support to them in and out of school  (Be a GOOD FRIEND)

3. Tell an adult when we see bullying (Be a REPORTER

By signing this contract, students agreed that they will be active participants in making our school a Bully-Free Zone