Teachers Participate in "Learning Walks"

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Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary

Teachers recently had the chance to take "learning walks" throughout the school to observe colleagues during Reading and Writing workshops. The "Balanced Literacy" philosophy that Springs School follows recognizes that different kinds of small group work offer teachers opportunities to make their instruction more effective, and more efficient by grouping (for a time) students with similar needs, and tailoring support to meet those needs. A learning walk gives teachers the chance to observe each other during these mini-lessons and small group work to learn from each other and share techniques and strategies. "Visiting classrooms and watching expert teachers work with students in real time is some of the best professional development an educator can ask for," said Assistant Principal Christine Cleary. "A Learning Walk is beneficial to the observers, as well as the host teacher, because it provides the opportunity for collective reflection on teaching strategies that best meet the learning needs of students. A special thanks goes to coordinators Lisa Dragone and Tracey Frazier, as well as our host teachers and participants."