School Board Recognition Month - Join Us on Oct. 27th


A Note from Superintendent Debra Winter:

This month, we take time to recognize individuals that volunteer their time to serve the community. At the center of their work are children. Although elected by the community, they receive no compensation. When asked why individuals sign on, the answers are varied: “to give back!” “to affect change.” Or, “I wanted to ensure either a building project or the right people were hired.” Whatever the reason, BOE trustees have one of the toughest volunteer jobs. Most volunteers are not in the position of making policy, as a BOE trustee is. Most volunteers don’t hire superintendents to lead their districts. Most volunteers don’t take risks, i.e. putting up bonds for space for children, or approving expenses for septic systems. Most volunteers find their way to help and give back. This community is very fortunate to have five individuals who give their time whenever asked. Yes, at BOE meetings, but also in the early morning, in the middle of the day to attend an event, to sign a contract, to speak to the superintendent, to attend a conference. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize them with a proclamation by the  Governor. They are being invited to Spirit Meet on October 27th where K-4 students will recognize them and celebrate with a breakfast prepared by Mrs. Lamonda’s, Mrs. Steudts’s and Ms. Fuery’s  classes. We welcome all of the community to join us at Spirit Meet on October 27th and 8:20 a.m.

On behalf of the administration, teachers, support staff and students, THANK YOU for all you do.