Eighth Graders Act as Entrepreneurs for a Day

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Photos: Stacy McCally
Ms. Larkin’s eighth-grade FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class learned about what it was like to be an entrepreneur last week.  They did some market research to decide on an item to "sell" in class, created food trucks with their business names to advertise their product and then "sold" their product to their classmates and teachers. Payment was in the form of a check so everyone was able to practice some check writing.  After the sale, students totaled their revenues and figured out what their profits were after subtracting their product costs.  There were so many delicious, tasty smoothies, milkshakes, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies that the students prepared both at home and in class. "Students learned how much work it takes to run a successful business,” said Ms. Larkin. “Students researched their market (fellow students and teachers) to decide what would be the best product to sell. They learned the importance of teamwork, planning, responsibility, promotion, salesmanship and adaptability. They had fantastic ideas and it was a great show of capitalism at its finest!”