A Day in the Life of the Peconic Estuary

Photos courtesy of Sean Knight
Photos courtesy of Sean Knight
Students participated in the annual “Day in The Life of the Peconic Estuary” trip. Fifth  graders from Mr. Knight's class tested the waters at Louse Point and Landing Lane, while Mr. Walker's seventh grade tested at Lazy Point.  
Students collected scientific information at a variety of locations on the Peconic River and  the  Peconic  Bays,  relating  to  water  quality  in  order  to  investigate  the  health  of  the  estuary.  
At  each  location,  teams  of  students  and  environmental  educators  use  seine nets,  lab  equipment  and  other  methods to investigate aquatic life, water chemistry and quality, biodiversity, tides and weather. Many groups also collect core  samples  of  sediments  for  analysis.   “This  information  will  contribute  to  ongoing  research  projects,  and  will  be  incorporated  into  the  “A  Day  in  the  Life  of  the  Peconic  Estuary”  website,” explained Mr. Knight.   “As  the  event  recurs  annually,  data  can  be compared over time. Students will be able to participate in handsā€on science exploration of the Peconic Estuary and the data collected will be used to further the protection and stewardship of the Peconic Estuary.”


Springs School's data was the farthest school east on the South Fork that participated in the event.
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