Students Build Birdhouses for the Endangered Bluebird


A community member shared his passion for birdhouses with students with special needs recently.

Don Cirillo started a birdhouse-building workshop with the students from Mrs. Furey, Mrs. Steudte and Mrs. LaMonda’s classes. The workshop coincides with what students have been learning about in their Library & Media classes with Mr. Hallman.  Students are learning about the native and endangered bluebird of New York State. Under Mr. Cirillo’s (Mr. Don’s) guidance, students have started to measure 1 x 6 x 6 boards to make the individual pieces that will make up the parts of the bluebird houses.  "Students will drill holes and screw the pieces together," explained Mr. Hallman.  "After they are sanded, the houses will receive a coat of paint and be affixed to a pole to hold it in the ground."  When the houses are completed, they will be placed at the EECO farm on Long Lane in East Hampton.  Stay tuned for pictures of the completed birdhouses!