Help Our Third Grade Raise Money for Our Buddy Benches!


Third grader Kailey Eberhart is hoping to help make a difference on the playground here at Springs School.  She read about a simple idea that will help kids to not be lonely on the playground and always find a friend: The Buddy Bench.  "I am hoping that the students at Springs School will help me to spread kindness and let everyone have fun at recess," said Kailey.  Mrs. Branche's third grade class worked collaboratively and made posters to advertise the benches, as well as helped to spread the word all over school that they are collecting money for this great project. "Almost every student in my class has donated money to the bench," said Mrs. Branche. " They are all very supportive of Kailey's project."

The GEHEF has donated funds toward two Buddy Benches for the back playground/recess area, and Kailey is asking students to raise money by doing chores around the house in order to earn money that will go towards decorating those benches and purchasing an additional Buddy Bench for the front playground.  

Students can do a chore for a family member or a friend.  Some examples of chores are setting or clearing the table, helping rake the leaves, cleaning your bedroom, feeding/walking a pet or taking out the garbage.  The person the chore is done for may determine the amount he/she wants to pay you.  Any amount of money raised is wonderful and will help.  All money raised should be sent back to school in an envelope by Monday, December 18, 2017.  

Please label the envelope: Buddy Bench

Your child’s name

The teacher’s name

Amount of money enclosed

A completed chore certificate (see below)

(We will be posting the chore certificates in our school for everyone to see!)

Thank you so much for working together to make a difference!