First "Diversity Institute" Held for Sixth Grade Families

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Photos courtesy of Christine Cleary
The first "Diversity Institute" was held last week. The program, specifically for sixth grade students and their families, was created to help facilitate the transition to middle school by educating students on the importance of tolerance and inclusion in our school and  society.  According to Assistant Principal and organizer Ms. Cleary, for the first time in their Springs School career, sixth graders have multiple teachers, and interact daily with a large and diverse group of classmates.  "Through the Diversity Institute, we aim to have students in sixth grade, along with their parents, exchange ideas and engage in activites related to cultural diversity and tolerance in a complex world," she explained.  Students also helped create original artwork that will be displayed in the school lobby. "I want to thank the Springs School administrators, staff, students and parents who participated in this event," said Ms. Cleary. "The conversation around cultural diversity and tolerance was rich, and interactions were positive and honest. I hope that the this event helped to bring awareness and perspective to some of the complex issues that we face everyday. I am especially proud of our sixth grade Diversity Ambassadors who helped organize this event, and who have accepted the challenge to be conduits of change in our school and our society." We're looking forward to next year's Diversity Institute!