Fifth Graders Visit Suffolk County Community College

Fifth graders visited Suffolk County Community College recently. It was their second year attending the "28th Annual Conference for Kids," at the Riverhead Campus, which is sponsored by Eastern Suffolk BOCES. Mrs. Seff helped to organize the event for the fifth grade. 
"Students had the chance to select and attend two different hands-on educational workshops that were designed to help students explore their own interests, foster high levels of engagement, and empower the potential of young minds," explained Mr. Scala. "All of the workshops support global standards and are STEM and/or STEAM  related."

Students had the chance to attend an origami class, learn about Australian culture, explore interesting bugs such as tarantulas and scorpions. Also, students had the chance to step 'behind the curtain' and learn a magician's tricks, come face to face with birds of prey, such as an owl, and learn the science of fingerprint analysis from a real-life detective.

Students could also learn about the history of Hip Hop and attend an art class where they learned about still-life drawing. "The kids had a blast!" said Mr. Scala. "We look forward to attending again next year!"