Eighth Grade Social Issue Speech Competition


The students in Mrs. O'Reilly's 8th-grade English class study literature and writing through the lens of history and social justice. Each year as a culminating project, the students choose a social issue, research that topic, and craft a presentation that reflects their stance on that topic.

The most effective speakers qualified for the school competition, which took place on Wednesday, June 6. "In the past, we have always conducted the final round during school," explained Mrs. O'Reilly. "This year, however, we were thrilled to give our finalists the chance to shine in front of their families."

In addition to the work they spent preparing for the graded project, these students spent countless hours perfecting their presentations. The students spoke passionately about very difficult social issues. It was truly a chance to watch the leaders of tomorrow in action. The finalists and their topics were:

First Place: Kimberly Bermeo: Body Image


Second Place: Charley Burge: Slaughterhouse Conditions

Third Place: Sophia Yardley: The Need for Alzheimer's Research
Kaylynn Cruceta: Equal Marriage Rights

Leah Masi: The Opioid Crisis


Trinity Hydeman: Ending the Yulin Dog Festival

 Nora Conlon: Gun Law Revision