Eighth Graders End the Year with an "Egg Drop Competion!"

Mrs Seff's eighth grade science class participated in a final "Science Classic" -
The Egg Drop competition!  "The egg drop competition is an exciting event that combines engineering skills along with imagination!" explained Mrs. Seff. Students were given a list of 17 possible building materials to build a "vehicle" that would safely transport their passenger (an uncooked chicken egg) from the rooftop of the gym to the asphalt below, however they could only choose 12 materials for their device!  The team that ended up with an unbroken egg, and had the longest flight time from the roof, won!  Tifany Gomez, Nora Conlon, Sarah Morgan, Corrina Castillo, Nichole Lopez and Trinity Hydeman finished in 1st place followed by Andy Merchan and Gregory Carchipulla in 2nd place!