Superintendent’s Welcome Back Message

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Dear Springs School Students and Parents,

I would like to welcome our students and families back to school; I hope you had a terrific summer. The Springs School staff has been busy during the summer months getting ready for the arrival of our students on September 4. 

As several of our teachers retired last year, we are pleased to welcome our new teachers: Mrs. Casio-Santiago, Ms. Comber, Mrs. Erb, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Marino, Mrs. Payne, Ms. Rubio, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Schwab and Mrs. Toto. Mr. Hallman is taking on a new role as our STEAM Teacher (previously the AEP program). Mrs. Hallman and Mrs. Kirby will be in new roles as reading and math AIS teachers. Additionally, we have several new teaching assistants who will soon be familiar faces to our students. 

As you know, the Board of Education and school administration are committed to the safety of all of our students and staff. With school security at the forefront of our minds, two new school security guards will be joining us this year: Mr. Thomas Pagano and Mr. Patrick Milazzo. Both are retired police officers from the Sag Harbor Police Department. 

This year, the district will place a focus on social-emotional skills, and through effective strategies we will help our students build their self-confidence and sense of positivity as a foundation for achieving success in school and in life.  

On July 31, a presentation was given to the Board of Education explaining wastewater treatment alternatives. The Board has since selected a nitrogen-reducing system and will be partnering with Stony Brook University’s Center for Clean Water Technology to use a nitrogen-reducing biofilter (NRB), which will utilize wood chips to reduce levels of nitrogen to between 2 and 5 milligrams of contaminants per liter. The standard for drinking water is 10 milligrams of contaminants per liter. Our plan is currently being reviewed by the Suffolk County Department of Health. We will work with our architects to keep our capital project on time and within budget. Please visit this link for all current and future updates:

My personal commitment to all of you is to continue the district’s pledge of transparency and to maintain regular communication with our community. Social and emotional learning will drive most of our efforts this year. We will continue to improve our instructional practices in the area of critical thinking by providing teachers with professional development on the Next Generation Standards. 

As always, I want to celebrate the successes of our students inside and outside of school, so please share those personal achievements with our principal. Additionally, we have many wonderful events that take place inside our schools each day. This year, we will not be printing and mailing home calendars. Parents are encouraged to check the website on a regular basis to view these events. 

I look forward to continuing to partner with our community in order to prepare our students to be lifelong learners, to respect cultural diversity, to embody positive character traits, and to be responsible and caring citizens.

“Together We Make a Difference!”

Warmest Regards,

Deb Winter
Proud Superintendent of Springs School