Hands-On Learning in the Greenhouse

Photo Credits: Patty Hicks thumbnail102710
Photo Credits: Patty Hicks
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The Springs School Greenhouse provides students with many opportunities for hands-on and fun learning experiences. Recently, Mrs. Hicks class won one of the zucchini’s from the greenhouse and had a great time using the zucchini in their class. They went out to the greenhouse to check out the zucchinis and pumpkin growing there. They were very close to guessing the Zucchini's length and they named the zucchini “Zinni”. In class, they used the zucchini to make zucchini muffins. They poured, stirred, measured and mixed. After baking them, they ate the zucchini muffins for snack! They smelled and tasted delicious! What a great way to learn about how plants grow, where our food comes from, and how to make healthy food choices.