Springs School Celebrates Veterans


Springs School celebrated our country's veterans during Spirit Meet on Monday in a humbling program. To begin, Mrs. Branche, who has been leading this celebration for 17 years, welcomed in active duty men and women from the Montauk Coast Guard Station, and veterans from the VFW Post # 550, and the American Legion Post # 419. Among them included a gentleman who served in WWII! 

Several students took to the stage to teach the rest of the school about the different branches of U.S. Military Service. One innovative student presented a video that she created, which included interviews of Springs students who have family members in service. These students shared with Spirit Meet the challenges and joys of life as the child of a servicemember. Mrs. Branche gave a special thanks to these children, acknowledging their sacrifices, and thanking them for their service. Ultimately Mrs. Branche reminded all present that we can all serve in our own individual ways. 

In a beautiful and humbling moment, members of the Coast Guard performed a Flag-Folding Ceremony, narrated by Mrs. Branche. This simple but powerful practice seemed to generate a feeling of pride among the silent watchers.   

Chrous teacher Ms. Kelly led the Spring School choruses in several songs throughout the program, including a new song celebrating Springs School Students. Later, all students turned to our servicemembers and thanked them by singing a song called "Because of You." 

Mrs. Branche is the wife of a Serviceman who served for 24 years. Her love for those students who are part of military families and her care for our servicemen is undeniable. She has received a Century Coin from the Coast Guard for her service to the children and to the community. "It's a labor of love," said Mrs. Branche. "I do it for the kids, I do it for the community, I do it for the guys," referring to the Coast Guard Members who look forward to visiting Springs Students every year! I will certainly keep these men and women in mind when I celebrate Veterans Day next Monday. 

Take a look at these humbling and inspiring moments in this Photo Gallery.