Springs Girls Soccer Team's Winning Season!


The girls finished with a winning season and a final record of 7-2-1. This was the most wins the girl's soccer team has had in a long time and it took a total team effort in each and every game to have such a successful season. 

The team was led by captains Jocelyn Prieto, Chloe Swickard, Tiffany Pesantez, Natasha Chavez, and Katie Kuneth. Jocelyn led the team in scoring with 12 goals, Tiffany played an important part of our midfield, Chloe and Natasha led the defense and Katie was our goalkeeper that we were fortunate to have from Montauk.

Other members of the team were: 8th graders Emily Flores, Jasmin Guarin, Tiffany Quizhpi, Sophie Tucci, Abigail Barros, Cassandra Serrano, Dayris Pena, Yesenia Garcia and   7th graders Angelica Yaguarema, Cynthia Guanga, Danna Valdivieso, Emily Quizhpi, Jessenia Maldonado, Erica Chavez, Gabby Guazhambo, Jhoseilyne Munoz, Joseline Calle, Julianna Tubatan, Karen Pillco, Rose Mary Pillco, Rihanna Pinos, Joselyne Vintimilla, Scarlett Flight (Montauk), Gianna D'Agostino (Montauk), Maisie Noll (Montauk), and Zoe Sanderlin (Montauk). The team was coached by Coach King.