Fourth Grade Students Present "The Long Island Express" Opera


Eighty-nine Fourth Grade students named the "89, Time to Shine" Opera Company, put together their creative minds to produce "The Long Island Express," an opera about the Hurricane of 38. This hurricane was a historic event in Eastern Long Island history, one which many members of our families lived through. Fourth grade students were inspired to write the play when studying hurricanes in their unit on weather. Students worked hard to write, choreograph, design, and perform this original production. Their hard work definitely showed! The Opera began with a group of students in contemporary Springs learning about the Hurricane. A flashback brought the audience to 1938 Springs classroom in the midst of the hurricane, where a group of students rallied to help their neighbors and community! At the end of the Opera, the fourth graders in the audience who worked on the show stood up with the performers to sing. The opera was an absolute pleasure to watch. A big thank you and congratulations to these talented students as well as the teachers and staff who made it possible. 

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