Diversity Institute

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The Diversity Institute is a group of students dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity in the school and in society. This week, the students put on a Diversity Institute Conference, where the students presented on topics such as Culture and Identity, Implicit Bias, the Effects of Intolerance, and Shared Solutions. Guests, including families and students from visiting schools, participated in activities to examine their understanding of tolerance and bias, and to celebrate the diversity in our community. Participants were honored to hear the story of special guest speaker Judy Sleed, who is a Holocaust survivor and East Hampton resident. To end the conference, students passed around feathers and instructed guests to decorate their feathers with something that would honor their unique identity. The feathers will be formed into wings for an art mural. We are blessed to have such forward thinking and dynamic students in our school! They certainly are harbingers of a bright and tolerant future.